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It's my privilege to walk with you through the creative process.  I work with many kinds of writers.  From business professionals stepping out into the storytelling world to seasoned television writers that need a second pair of eyes to look at a script before submission.  I'm here to help.


$150, 60 minute session

$200, 90 minute session

We meet via ZOOM and you'll receive a recording of your session.


Email me to set up a consultation:


*Due to a full schedule, I require at least 2 weeks notice to schedule a session.

Thanks, Christopher


"I learned more than I could have imagined in just a few sessions with Chris.  As an educator myself, I appreciated how skilled Christopher is as a teacher.  He also listens attentively and offers feedback that really makes a difference.  I've been able to create content I never thought possible ... and I owe so much of this to Christopher's guidance."  

Christopher helped me move through major writer's block.  He transformed a frustrating situation into a fun and productive creative session.  I've worked with him ever since. I'm constantly writing articles and blogs for different sites and if ever I feel "stuck" - one session with Chris gets me back in the groove.  He's a life saver.

John Tegzes 
Western University Of Health Sciences
Alison Deyette
TV Host/Media Consultant
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